Hello, We're the Dickinson Family

The Wisconsin Opry was opened by Cynthia and Virgil Dickinson in 1979.

After performing during summers at venues such as Fort Dells and the Showboat,  The Dickinson’s bought the farm and venue and began their own show for bus groups and the public alike.  About 10 years later they began serving a home cooked meal before the show.  They currently offer a hayride, dinner and show.  Their family band consists of Virgil and Cindy, along with daughters Liz and Stephanie, and grandchildren Kenzie and Merit.  You can expect to hear Country, Western, Gospel, Bluegrass and Classic Rock along with comedy and even some crowd participation. Be sure to come early and find some deals at the Craft and Antique Malls!

What people are saying!

This family-run dinner and show was very enjoyable. At 25 my wife and I were definitely the youngest in the crowd, but thoroughly enjoyed our time here. The attraction starts with a hay ride around the family farm while singing some favorite country folk songs, a dinner in the barn and ended with the musical performance on stage. Would definitely do again! Joel B

The evening started with a hay ride around their back 40 being serenaded by one of the daughters, and then we were seated inside the barn at tables of 10. The mother brings each table up to the buffet area for salad, potato salad, rolls, green beans and turkey. They served iced tea, lemonade, water and coffee. Beer and wine were available for purchase. After dinner we moved into the front of the barn for the family show. They were a very endearing family of singers and musicians, and gave a very entertaining show. A fun night of good, family, down home entertainment. Moesings